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Serving Southern Alberta since 2004
Real Estate Appraisal Services

Thank you for considering Appraisal Solutions Inc., we are the leader in high-quality, competitive-priced residential and rural residental appraisals for all of Southern Alberta.  Our extensive training, regional knowledge, accurate valuations and friendly manner are the cornerstones of our preformance and reputation.

From our control centre in Lethbridge, Appraisal Solutions is committed in providing superior appraisal services which include: real estate appraisers for expert witness testimony, appraisals for trusts, divorce, estates, probate, taxation issues and complete home real estate valuation. Our regionally based staff of real estate appraisers are licensed to the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) and are designated members of the Canadian National Assocation of Real Estate Appraisers (CNAREA).

For almost a decade, Apprasial Solutions Inc. has been providing credible residential real estate appraisals to homeowners, mortgage companies, realtors, banks, relocation companies, governmental agencies, lawyers and credit unions.

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